Black Watch Systems is a systems contractor and systems integrator.  We will provide the solution you need and not just offer you the solution we have.  Black Watch Systems has been in the systems business since 1998.  We cover the vast expanses of West Texas.  From our base in Snyder, we cover most of the western half of Texas and the eastern side of New Mexico.

Our Systems, Products and Offerings
  1. Siral
    Control Valves
    A complete line of control ball valves that are stocked at convenient locations.
  2. Honeywell
    DDC Control Systems
    We offer DDC controls from the most recognized name in the HVAC controls industry.
  3. FireMaven
    Fire Alarm Systems Webstore
    Our affiliate that offers Fire Alarm Systems to contractors across the nation. If this is your marketplace, look to them as your supplier.
  4. ICC
    Data and Communications
    A great industry brand that provides a complete structured cable solution with long term warranties.
  5. KT&C
    Analog and IP CCTV
    A leading South Korean camera manufacturer that brings you high quality solutions at an affordable price.
  6. Peavey
    Reinforced and Engineered Sound
    A top name in the sound business for all your building sound requirements.
  7. Valcom
    Analog and IP Intercom and Paging
    An outstanding full-featured school talkback intercom system. Cost effective and as close to a non-proprietary system as an owner can find.
  8. 3CX
    IP Phone System
    A software based IP phone system that is recognized as one of the best IP phone solutions available.
  9. FortiNet (FortiVoice)
    IP Phone System
    A full-featured IP phone system manufactured by one of the premiere names in the data security industry.
  10. RS2 Technologies
    Card Access
    A card access company with products ranging from a single door controller to massive full-featured network access systems built on one common software platform. The system can integrate seamlessly with many CCTV systems to provide total integrated security packages.
  11. Secutron
    Fire Alarm
    Engineered fire alarm systems and preconfigured fire alarm panels to meet all your needs.
  12. Advanced Fire
    Fire Alarm
    A comprehensive Fire Alarm System line. A world wide company with a presence in over 60 countries.
  13. Mircom Technologies
    Fire Alarm, Mass Notification
    A full range of Fire Alarms, Mass Notification, Card Access, Nurse Call and Building Intercom systems.
  14. Vector Controls
    DDC Controllers
    BACnet and Modbus contollers that are simple to program using free software or keypad programming. Add these controllers to a Vykon JACE 8000 or a Innotech OMNI IP Controller and create a system that makes good sense.
  15. Control Maven
    DDC and Controls Webstore
    Our affiliate that offers DDC control systems for contractors and building owners. We encourage you to visit and become a customer.
  16. Smart Controls
    DDC Controllers
    Large featured Lon controllers at a minimum cost. Use the Vykon JACE 8000 and create a full featured DDC control system at a price that will leave you smiling.
  17. Vykon/Tridium
    DDC Controls/System Integration
    The JACE 8000 offeres the flexibility to take any controller of any protocol and create a cost effective system for any size facility. Step up to the Tridium Supervisor and integrate multiple manaufacturers controllers and protocols on a large scale.
  18. Innotech Controls
    DDC Controls
    Top-to-bottom ....... this company offers a superb state-of-the-art product line that must be examined by every serious purchaser of DDC solutions.
  19. KMC Controls
    KMC Controls
    KMC brings some of the most sophisticated BACnet IP and MS/TP control products to the marketplace. Coupled with their outstanding front-end software packages, it is a great value for your consideration.
  20. Alerton
    DDC Controls
    Alerton has a complete line of DDC solutions for the medium to large customer. We have represented this product line since 1998 in the West Texas area,
  21. HRW Limited
    DDC Controllers
    HRW offers a wide range of controllers and HMIs utilizing BACnet, Modbus and P1 protocols. A cost effective controller that utilizes a spreadsheet as the programming software.
Control Maven Website
Fire Maven Website